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    The birth was registered in the upper part of Santa Cruz, one of the three main islands of the archipelago. Six threatened endemic bird calves were born in the Galapagos.

  • Three things you didn't know about China

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    His name is White King, he is a white lion and according to the director of the Spanish zoo where he was born, a real ‘stuffed animal’ The First White Lion Is Born In Spain.

  • Types of Crosses, their meanings, and Secrets

    The cross is an ancient symbol, which has known many types and different variations over time. For Christians, it is of fundamental importance. We discover the different types of crosses, their history, their secrets, and their symbolic meaning.

Best Outdoor kitchen for Social Meals with Family and Friends

In summer, you like to spend as much time outdoors as possible. How not to enjoy the good weather in your garden, especially if you have a swimming pool and a terrace? If you are missing something from this table, it may be a small outdoor kitchen to prepare meals in a friendly atmosphere.

Best Outdoor Kitchen Social Meals with Family and Friends
Best Outdoor Kitchen Social Meals with Family and Friends

Therefore, if  you just want to spend more time in your yard or have fun with friends and family, incorporating an outdoor kitchen into your environment is a great way to enhance your outdoor experience, especially if you love cooking and social meals.

Dukin Outdoor Kitchen Cookout

If you spend most of your time outdoors or enjoy grilling and making meals for your family and friends in fair weather, you definitely want this Dukin Outdoor Kitchen to entertain your summer in style; even when your family and neighbours stop by to hang out for a chat and relax in your backyard. It is made of high-quality weather-resistant materials and provides all that you need to make your outdoor dining storage look good and function effectively for easy and enjoyable cooking.

The outdoor kitchen is made of durable metal to outstand all kinds of weather and hold up for long while protecting your stored items. With an engineered stone countertop, there will be no kind of fear for scratch, rust, or damage caused by water, spices, and other cooking equipment when cooking. It also withstands whatever item that is thrown at it when it is stationed outside. Its inner shelves with a lockable sliding door provide enough sealed storage space capable of containing all your kitchen items; both utensils, food items, and more. 

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor, this Dukin Outdoor Kitchen Cookout offers efficient height adjustment as it features easily adjustable feet, to suit your height and avoid hunching while cooking. Besides, its ergonomically designed structure provides numerous options and possibilities for use, including right or left kitchen tap arrangement, right, left, or centre grill element arrangement, and other built-in elements and optional equipment.  

The Kitchen is premade and delivered already assembled, so you will have the opportunity to define all the details for the seller when ordering: you can choose to have your tap at the left or right, the colour of the frame, the colour of the top (top is made of high-quality material Dekton), etc. It is also possible to integrate gas grills, electric grill, pull-out drawer, narrower shelf, protective cover, locks power plugs, sea-side additional protection, and other built-in elements by customer’s request.

Unique Features and Benefits of Dukin Outdoor Kitchen Cookout

Durable And Robust: Made of metal structure and stone countertop, this outdoor kitchen provides weather-resistant, enough to prevent rusting, scratch, peeling, and denting; unlike wood outdoor kitchen. The materials are UV resistance, high-temperature resistance, scratch resistance, frost resistance, and non-absorbent. So, you do not need fear losing money as it is durable, robust, yet useful.

Healthy and Safe Materials: The engineered stone countertop and metal body are rust-proof, heat-resistant, easy to clean, and non-deformable, with the characteristics of safety, health, and non-toxicity. It is also resistant to high temperatures, so stored food items will not be affected by the sunlight or fire from the cooking gas.

Highly Customizable: Dukin Outdoor Kitchen is highly customizable and provides options and possibilities for use; you can determine whether to have right or left kitchen tap arrangement, right, left or centre grill element arrangement, and other built-in elements and optional equipment. You can also choose your desired frame and top colours. All you need is to define all the details for the seller when ordering: choose a design that meets your lifestyle.

Versatile: You can use it as a BBQ grill cart, outdoor bar, serving cart, and even as a prep table. Besides, the outdoor kitchen is also ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Large Storage Capacity: With this Dukin Outdoor Kitchen, you will have enough space to store all your kitchen items, including utensils and food items, etc. You can as well store drinks for family and neighbourhood entertainment during a hangout for a chat and relax in your backyard.


4 powerful herbs to enhance hair tone

One of the advantages of natural recipes is that the frequency of its application does not matter because it will always provide benefits to hair health

Hair is considered one of the most important natural accessories for women, which is why we are always aware of the latest market trends. Each product promises a different effect, but the healthy aspect is not always taken into account on the labels.

4 powerful herbs to enhance hair tone
 4 powerful herbs to enhance natural hair tone

The dye will always be an option when it comes to wanting a radical change, since striking hair will always be a priority when it comes to looking good. However, many times we do not take into account natural options that, in addition to adding a touch of color to the hair, will provide health to the scalp, resulting in strength and shine.

The following herbs will make you love your natural hair more when it comes to a change in your appearance.

Calendula: Its colorful appearance makes it to be taken into account when decorating a place, but in addition to its cheerful appearance, this herb has the property of highlighting the natural color of the hair. 

It also helps in the prevention of dandruff due to its effect on the scalp. 

Boil two cups of water and when it is about to boil, off the stove or boiler. 

Then add a cup of calendula petals, stir and cover it. 

It is important not to remove the lid in the process so that the essence of the flower is preserved. 

Finally, filter and refrigerate it for 5 days. Apply this lotion after washing without removing it afterwards.

Chamomile: This infusion is one of the most popular one for natural hair remedies. A cup of chamomile tea with sugar is always welcome in our homes. 

But if you want to lighten the tone of your hair a little, this preparation will make it look more "blonde" and shiny in a few days. 

To do this, you only have to heat 3 cups of water and remove from the stove before boiling, add 2 chamomile tea satchets and then remove them after half an hour. 

Let the infusion sit until it cools, put it in a spray bottle and apply to the hair after your washing routine. The more frequent the application, the faster you will see the results.

Rosemary: Rosemary is considered a product of vital importance in health, beauty and cooking as it has antiseptic properties, calms menstrual cramps, gives an excellent flavor to some foods and treats certain skin and hair conditions. 

One of its most popular beauty aids is natural hair growth

However, it is also use to enhance hair color. 

You will need 2 tablespoons of dried rosemary, 3 cups of water and a tablespoon of vinegar. 

Put all the ingredients in a pot and heat at a low temperature. Stir constantly for 20 minutes. Remove, strain and let it stand until it cools. After rinsing off the shampoo and conditioner, detangle your hair, apply the infusion and let it dry.

Henna: It is not an herb, it is a dye that comes from the crushing of the dried leaf of the Lawsonia Inermis plant, a shrub of the oleaceae family. 

Its millennial use has become popular today when it comes to wanting to give a reddish color to hair without resorting to chemicals. 

The plant, which is also called henna, must be crushed to a greenish powder and the only thing this technique resembles the chemical dyeing procedure is that it requires the use of gloves and skin protection because its coloring can last A good time. 

The process to dye the hair is to bring water to a boil, transfer it to a plastic container, add the henna powder, stir well until a creamy consistency is achieved and apply to dry hair. 

Then wrap the hair in a towel and leave for three to hours; the longer it last, the darker the color will be. 

Finally wash your hair with plenty of water and comb it as usual.

Another advantage of these recipes is that no matter how often you apply it, it will not damage your hair and will benefit your natural hair health.

For more about natural hair, recipies and how to take care of your natural hair. Visit Hair Function website


Russia to use 40,000 people to test vaccine against Covid-19

More than 20 countries have placed purchase orders for 1 billion doses of the vaccine.

Moscow. - Russia announced this Thursday the beginning in the next week of clinical trials with more than 40,000 people of its vaccine against Covid-19, announced on August 11 and perceived with skepticism by the international community.

Russia announced this Thursday the beginning in the next week of clinical trials with more than 40,000 people of its vaccine against Covid-19, announced on August 11 and perceived with skepticism by the international community.
More than 20 countries have placed purchase orders for 1 billion doses of the vaccine
‘Next week (...), a clinical study on the efficacy (...) and safety of the Sputnik V vaccine will begin in Russia,’ said the Russian sovereign wealth fund, associated in its development, specifying that ‘more 40,000 people will participate in the study in more than 45 medical centers.’
The official website dedicated to the vaccine, meanwhile, had announced that ‘phase 3 of the clinical trials, with more than 2,000 people’ in various countries had started on August 12.
Questioned by the AFP regarding these tests, the press service of the sovereign wealth fund pointed out: ‘there is no phase 3 in Russian law.’
‘From a legal point of view, these are studies that are done after the vaccine was registered’ on August 11, he explained, adding that they can be considered an ‘equivalent to phase 3.’
The director of the sovereign wealth fund, Kirill Dmitriev, indicated this Thursday during an online briefing that the vaccination of ‘risk groups’, which includes health personnel, will also begin next week on a voluntary basis.
More than 20 countries have placed purchase orders for 1 billion doses of the vaccine, he added. He also said that Russia has agreed to produce the vaccine in five countries.
Dmitriev also indicated that ‘mass vaccinations in Russia are planned to begin in October’, while deliveries of vaccines abroad are scheduled to begin in November or December. A delegation from the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health is expected in Moscow next week, he added.
Sputnik V, a name that refers to the first artificial satellite in history, is viewed with skepticism in most of the world, especially due to the lack of a final phase of tests at the time of being announced.
‘We have seen a significant change in the tone used by the WHO (World Health Organization). At first, in fact, they did not have enough information about the Russian vaccine, now official information has been sent to them and they will evaluate it,’ he continued. Dmitriev.
‘We see no obstacle to individual regulators approving the vaccine without WHO having done so,’ he added.


'The day I found out I was born without a vagina'

'We must accept ourselves as we are, although realizing that we are not like other women is difficult.'

A routine question from your doctor led to Julian Peter, a young Kenyan, 29, to discover who was born without an uterus, without neck uterine and no vagina.

Twelve years later, she shared her story with the BBC. This is her testimony.

'I was born with a disease called Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH) .

Women with this disease are born without an uterus, without a cervix and without a vagina, and sometimes also without a kidney.

Since I don't have an uterus, I never had a period. But I don't feel bad about it.

When people find out about my illness they react in different ways.

'They can say what they want'

Someone once recommended that I go somewhere and ask to be prayed for.

Another person claimed that surely my grandmother must have done something wrong, because I come from Ukambani, a region associated with sorcery.

They can say what they want, but what really matters is the way I react .

If I started paying attention to other people's opinions, that would surely affect my confidence and make me doubt myself.

I found out I had the syndrome at 17 years old. At that time I was a student.

I went to the hospital because my legs were swelling.

The first thing the doctor asked me was when I had my last period. I replied that I had never had a period.

At the hospital I had a CT scan, which revealed that my reproductive system did not have an outer hole.

I had surgery to try to open a vaginal canal, but the intervention was unsuccessful.

Another CT scan showed that I had no uterus or cervix and I was diagnosed with MRKH.

I cried for three days after that diagnosis, but then decided to go ahead with my life .

I was only 17 years old and very young, so my priority was to go back to school.

I was still in the hospital with my mother, who raised me alone.

She was shocked by the news, and even wondered if as a mother she had any responsibility and had made a mistake.

'I didn't want to have surgery'

Since I had studied biology, I understood well what the doctor told me that first time.

But I didn't want to go through an operation at that time, because I wanted to finish my studies.

Ten years later, I returned to the hospital and had another operation that was successful.

I cried for three days after that diagnosis for MRKH, without uterus, vagina and one kidney, but then I decided to move on with my life.
I cried for three days after that diagnosis, but then I decided to move on with my

The type of MRKH that I had meant that I did not have an uterus or cervix. She also lacked a vagina and only had one kidney. The operation was to create a vaginal canal .

My life is normal, because the MRKH does not interfere with how I want to live it.

But other people with this syndrome need professional psychological support to overcome the emotional impact.

Once you understand the implications of this disease, you must rule out the possibility of having biological children .

I had a total of four CT scans and none of them detected the presence of ovaries, so it is not possible to extract eggs for in vitro fertilization either .

Most men will accept us as we are. Although realizing that you are not like other women is difficult and you need to have someone to talk to.

I met other people here in Kenya who suffer from the same syndrome and we shared our experiences.

I accepted my illness from the beginning and I accepted myself, from what I can say that I feel good.

Explanations to my partner

I had some romantic relationships. And I never let much time go by before talking to my partner at the time and telling him about my illness.

If they want to accept it, they will. But human beings are just human beings.

And many of the men I told about my syndrome just left me. Others accused me of lying to scare them away.

Right now I don't have a partner, but everything is God's work.

I had the operation to build the vaginal canal in 2018 and I still do not feel ready to have sex.

Nor am I ready to face a marriage.

And I think if one day I get married, one option would be to adopt.

Advice to parents

It took me at least 10 years to decide to speak publicly about my story.

There are many people who do not understand what MRKH is and I want to raise awareness about this syndrome.

There are many people who do not understand what MRKH is in Kenya and I want to raise awareness about this syndrome.
Opening the vaginal canal is a painful operation. I recommend parents not to accept surgery on their daughters when they are girls

First of all, I tell parents of babies with the disease not to accept surgery on their daughters while they are still small girls .

In my opinion, surgery should only occur when they understand more about the syndrome, because the operation is a complex and lengthy procedure.

Is an intervention painful and girl would not understand what she is going through.

Parents should also educate themselves about this syndrome so that they can help their daughters deal with the stigma they are sure to face.

I formed a support group and I know that people with MRKH face all kinds of challenges.

Some women are married and face great pressure from their in-laws, who want grandchildren. A young woman told me that her in-laws accuse her of actually being a man.

So in my group we listen to people and encourage them.

The important thing is to help each other because this journey can be difficult. '



How I learned to sell on Amazon GOODBYE BOSS

With a few years in the field of sales in amazon, owner of an own brand, current seller in multiple sales channels, creator of pages and web stores and constantly updating myself on the topics of e-commerce and digital marketing, I will be the new content collaborator in Goodbye to Your Boss program of ugobleno.com and in this post I will tell you a little about how I started selling on amazon.

My name is Jeremiah Doro (31) and I am an Information Technology Engineer graduated from the Polytechnic University of Victoria in my native Cd. Victoria Tamaulipas and I am a passionate about technologies and new methods and products that emerge day by day to make life easier... or not Alexa?


I consider myself an Entrepreneur who is still in the Godinato peeero ... who enjoys the benefits of the 2 worlds ... yes, sometimes it can, but the net I would like to leave the latter soon.


And it is that it was back in 2017 that I came across this blog that you are reading right now, perhaps I searched, "how to sell online" or "how to have multiple sources of income" I do not exactly remember the search, but I remember that the simple name of "goodbye to your boss" told me that I was in the place where I wanted to be, SEO is powerful.


I was looking for the long-awaited “Financial Freedom” and the fact of finding content that would lead me to freedom.


Although I already had the tickle to undertake something to generate money that was not directly from my work, it was since I started reading this blog that my focus was turned on and the whole issue of having multiple sources of income focused more on sales online.


And it is that getting up in the morning to go and dedicate 8 (sometimes 9 or sometimes more) hours of your day to a place where you don't know if tomorrow they will thank you is not cool, and less when You realize that you have to spend at least one hour going and one hour back in traffic, add to this your lunch hour that you still have to eat, but eating at home is not the same as eating at the office, and also the time you dedicate in getting yourself together and ready to go to work presentable.

Starting to sell on amazon for my eCommerce online marketing
I made my first sales on amazon before one week
Putting those hours together, you will find out that they are more than 12 hours of your day  wasted invested in a single source of income that perhaps pays well, but that does not allow you to invest n other “n” projects.  

It was this thought that made me start my virtual business venture in 2018, I saved and invested an approximate amount of $ 10,000 MXN about $449 USD in various products, but from the same niche, since according to what I read and saw I had to focus on a specific niche.


I dedicated a whole room of my house to the inventory, where right there I set up a small photography set, with white cards in the background and some spotlights hanging from some lecterns that I had lying around. I started taking photos with my cell phone, but I didn't like the final photo at all. It was then that I decided to buy an entry-level DSLR camera; Obviously I could use the cell phones, but I already had the idea of ​​buying one and it was the perfect excuse.


How I learned to sell on Amazon GOODBYE BOSS
How I learned to sell on Amazon GOODBYE BOSS

 In a few months I set up my online store and began to publish on Facebook and Instagram the product under the brand that I had not yet registered but that I had already made in collaboration with some designer friends. Note: if you are not a graphic designer and want to make a brand, get advice from someone who has extensive graphic knowledge and sometimes "mystical" in the field.


Honestly, it all started very discouraging, with few, very few sales, but I already had some sales in my store. My degree of desperation came to offer the products personally with neighbors, family, friends, acquaintances who did buy from me, but perhaps only for moral support (thanks for encouraging me).


When checking with gurus of the matter, I realize that one of the last steps in online sales is precisely opening your own online store, "d'oh!"  

And it is that it is the most difficult, expensive and risky thing that one can do since one does not have the marketing, the renown or the trust that a Marketplace has already earned over the years.


For this, I had already invested in hosting, domain, logos, templates, security certificates and the elementary things of an online store and above all the time, months of extra-office work that I saw was just not fruitful.


It was then that I decided to make my way and investigate how to sell on amazon and how to get an account with them since, I always buy in amazon, my close circle bought in amazon too.


It was then that I realized the potential that the platform has and that was how I began to document how to sell on amazon, reading blogs, watching videos on YouTube, hours and hours of endless information, but without any structure as such.


Why sell on Amazon and not Mercado Libre?


As I told you, my thought is to have my own brand and Mercado Libre does not give me the confidence that my product looks like that, as a brand product but as just another product and it is because in that Marketplace anyone can sell and Although electronic commerce had its very bad reputation a few years ago, with frauds and scams that most likely still exist on this platform now.


On the other hand, in Amazon the whole issue of sales is more regulated, your tax situation must be correct and your bank account is verified among other various filters that are precisely the ones that give the platform more seriousness.


Once registered with Amazon, it took days for me to make my first sale after having published my first products; it took days, not weeks, not months. It was a matter of days before I went to the nearest DHL to make my first shipment for my first sale.


Going back to the point…


So some months went by, with sporadic sales, but hey, from 0 to about 3 sales a week was already a big profit, at least for me. I started reading on some Facebook forums about shipping inventory directly to Amazon warehouses and how that will my sales grow.


I decided on my own to make a shipment to the warehouses of Amazon USA and see how it worked, for this I first contacted UPS and they did a small study of how much I intended to send per month and stuff. That is how they assigned me a person who would help me with any details or questions I had with my shipments.

 And it was no lie that your products are better positioned once they are in Amazon warehouses; All my stock was sold which, although it was little, I did not expect that in a couple of weeks it would be sold out.


Everything seemed to be solved, however, like every entrepreneur one always wants more and more. I decided to buy How to Sell on Amazon: 7 FBA Secrets That Turn Beginners into Best Sellers, for $6.99 to boost my sales. I had already taken the learning curve on my own.

However, it was when I took the course that I realized that I could further fine-tune my sales processes, improve my listings, improve my keywords and sell on Amazon even more.

It is the course that encourages me to open new sales channels for my products, although he only mentions Ebay, there is also Etsy which is another great competitor in the niche in which my products are.


And this is how I currently have my products on the platforms of Amazon Mexico, Amazon USA, Etsy and Ebay, which I do not like at all because it has been the Free Market gringo, oh and my own online store is still standing.


It has NOT  been easy, nor fast, nor dazzling, but little by little with perseverance and dedication you will achieve your goal and fulfil your objectives. It is not overnight that you will find the star product that will get you out of work, it is the perseverance that you must have every day that will give you the doors to say "Goodbye to your Boss."

You can start your journey of selling in amazon by successfully registering your amazon business account now! You don’t have to waste more time because the future is now.



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