Parasite made history in an Oscar that seemed predictable

The Korean film Parasite, which has become a worldwide phenomenon, achieved recognition of the Academy Awards Oscar by remaining with the statuette of best film, the most important category of this film festival.

' Parasite ' made history in about Oscar that seemed predictable ... 'Parasites' gives the surprise and win the Oscar for best film ... recognition as Best Director, making reference to Martin Scorsese and Quentin...
Parasite made history in an Oscar that seemed predictable
Parasite also got the best international film, best original script, and direction, in a ceremony that seemed to be attached to the script of many expectations, but now opens a new episode in its history for a Korean production.
“Thank you, it is a great honor. Making a script is a very lonely process and this is the first Oscar for South Korea, thank you,” said Bong Joon-Ho, screenwriter and production director, who in turn congratulated all of his actors and appreciated that the name of a best foreign film by the one of best international film.

"I would like to split the Oscar into five pieces and share them with you," he added when he came up for recognition as best director, referring to Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino.
I would like to split the Oscar into five pieces and share them with you
The awards remained true to favoritism in some of their categories, as in the case of Joaquin Phoenix, who won as best actor for his characterization in Joker.
“I don't feel above my other nominees. We all feel the same love for cinema (...). I think the best gift is to use the voice for those who have no voice (...). I see a common element, the fight against injustice and we have disconnected from the natural world and are guilty of an egocentric view of the world,” was part of Phoenix's shocking speech.
Nor were there any surprises with the best actress section, which Renée Zellweger received by Judy.
It all started with a musical number, singer Janelle Monáe kicked off the ceremony. Actress Regina King presented the first prize at the Dolby Theater, the best supporting actor, who was almost sung: it was for Brad Pitt, for Once upon a time ... in Hollywood.

"This is for my children," the 56-year-old actor added by taking his first Academy Award home as an actor, he had previously won it as a producer of 12 years of slavery.
Then came the announcement of the best-animated film for the Academy, which was Toy Story 4. The best short of that category was for Hair Love, which tells the story of an African-American father trying to comb his daughter, a difficult, fun task and above all culturally very representative.
Also, actor Keanu Reeves and his colleague Diane Keaton announced the recognition for the best original screenplay, which was for the Korean movie Parasite.
In the best-adapted script section, the golden statue remained in the hands of Taika Waititi, for her work on Jojo Rabbit.
In addition, The Neighbor’s Window won the race as the best short film. Then, in the category of best production design, the envelope revealed that the winner was Once upon a time ... in Hollywood.
As for the best costume design, Little Women won, which was developed by Jacqueline Durran.
It was also revealed that the winner in the best documentary group was American Factory and the best short documentary award went to Learning to Skateboard in a War Zone (If You're a Girl).
On the other hand, the best-supporting actress was no surprise to anyone, as Laura Dern won, for The Story of a marriage. In turn, the recognition of the best sound edition and best edition went to Contra el impossible.
In addition to 1917, he received the Oscar for best sound mixing; as well as recognition for better photography and better visual effects.
As for makeup and hairstyle, the winner was El scandal. Also, Joker's original soundtrack won the prize. The melody did not stop, and the Oscar for best song was, although it sounds a bit funny, sung: I'm Gonna Love Me Again, from the film Rocketman.


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