Relation of the situation for the coronavirus in Europe

Italy tops the list of European countries most affected by the coronavirus, followed by Spain, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Croatia, among others.
Relation of the situation for the coronavirus in Europe

Italy tops the list of European countries most affected by the coronavirus, followed by Spain, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Croatia, among others.

Madrid. - With Italy registering the highest number of infected and dead, Europe has seen how the new coronavirus has spread through several of its countries. This is the relationship of the situation in the region.


In this country, there are 374 cases and 12 dead. It is the most touched territory in Europe and has become a platform for dissemination across the continent, where many of the cases registered in other countries are of people who recently traveled to the northern areas, the most affected, AFP said.


It is the case of Spain. Of the twelve cases recorded since the epidemic began, ten were verified since Monday night. Nine are linked to Italy and the origin of the tenth, detected in Andalusia, is still unknown.
A hotel in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, where four infected Italians stayed, was quarantined.
In an effort to limit the spread, Madrid advised against trips to northern Italy, while testing hospitalized people for respiratory problems of unknown origin or who have arrived from risk areas and have flu symptoms.


In this country, 17 cases have been registered, of which two died. France, which, like other countries, put its returnees from Wuhan in quarantine, called for notifying trips to the northern areas of Italy touched by the virus and students returning from China, Singapore, South Korea, and the regions Italians from Lombardy and Veneto to self-insulate upon arrival for 14 days.


Eighteen cases. The last two were diagnosed on Tuesday, including a 25-year-old man who would have been infected in Milan.


Thirteen cases since the beginning of the epidemic.


A first case was confirmed on Wednesday, that a 38-year-old woman recently arrived from northern Italy. The government passed a decree on Tuesday that provides for the temporary ban on traveling to or from affected countries as well as the closure of schools or showrooms if the epidemic becomes massive.


Three cases,  a young man who was in Italy recently and his brother and a man who works in the Italian city of Parma.

North Macedonia

A first case was detected in a Skopje clinic. She is a woman who returned from a trip to Italy.


Two cases, a young couple of Italians. The woman worked as a receptionist at a hotel in Innsbruck. The quarantine imposed on this establishment was lifted on Wednesday after examinations were performed. A border country with Italy, Austria also discouraged its citizens from going to the most affected regions of their neighbors.


No case, as well as in Hungary or Romania. The Air Bulgarie airline temporarily suspended its Sofia-Milan route while Romania quarantines people returning from the affected areas in Italy.


One case, that of a man who arrived from Wuhan in early February. Your quarantine is over.


It does not present cases. People arriving from northern Italy with symptoms are asked to undergo an examination.


There are no cases, but the public health institute called to prepare for a "serious epidemic."


Two cases, that of a Chinese tourist in Lapland detected at the end of January and another announced on Wednesday of a Finn who was in northern Italy.


Two cases, that of a woman who was in the Chinese region of Wuhan and another known Wednesday.

Baltic countries

No case, although the authorities have taken measures, as in Lithuania, declaring the state of "extreme situation" to facilitate the unlocking of funds in case of need, and in Latvia, reserving hospital beds and asking people arriving from areas affected take 14 days of "quarantine-permit" paid by Social Security.


No case confirmed. In all airports with international flights, passenger checks from China and Italy are carried out.

Czech Republic

No case. Several dozen people were quarantined on their return from Italy.


Temperature control for passengers arriving from Italy at Bratislava airport.

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