Coronavirus: Italy sets new record for deaths from covid-19 by registering 793 victims in one day

The death toll from covid-19 has skyrocketed in Italy.

According to official figures announced this Friday, March 21, the total death toll in the European country has reached 4,825, with 793 fatalities recorded on Thursday night. The coronavirus pandemic did not give truce to Italy. With 793 more deaths reported this March 21, the total number of fatalities in the European country amounts to 4,032.
Coronavirus: Italy sets new record with 793 deaths from Coronavirus covid-19 in one day
According to official figures announced this Saturday, March 21, the total death toll in the European country has reached 4,825, with 793 fatalities recorded in the last 24 hours.
The figure exceeds the record it had recorded the previous day, when the Italian government reported 627 fatalities that brought the number of deaths to 4,032 since the virus first appeared in the country, more than a month ago.
On Thursday, this European country became the country that has reported more deaths from the new coronavirus, surpassing China, where the epidemic emerged in late 2019 and until Saturday had reported 3 261 deaths.

To alleviate the epidemic, Italy has imposed quarantine at the national level that has been in force since March 12.

The death toll from covid-19 has skyrocketed in Italy.

Italian authorities closed most businesses and banned public gatherings across the country, in their attempt to stop the spread of the virus.
Bars, restaurants, and most stores have closed, as have schools and universities.
The northern Emilia-Romagna region has banned sports walking; an exercise the government has encouraged that it improve health.
Giuseppe Conte, Italy's prime minister, has said that these measures have helped prevent "the collapse of the system.

Collapsed system due to coronavirus

Health workers have reported that the health care system is collapsed.
The 5,200 intensive care beds that exist in this country were quickly exceeded, since many of them were already occupied by patients with respiratory problems.
The shortage of mechanical ventilators, masks and key clothing to combat covid-19 has caused Italy to have to request international aid.
A report from the Italian Higher Institute revealed that northern regions of the country such as Lombardy and Veneto are among the most affected.
Some studies point to the large number of elderly people in the affected regions, and that a large proportion of people between 18 and 34 years old live at home with them.
Italy is the second country in the world with more people over 80 years, second only to Japan.


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