Coronavirus: the unusual images of cities deserted by quarantine and social isolation

Deserted, with just a few people or cars on the streets, many of the world's great cities look unrecognizable. Following the advance of the coronavirus pandemic, authorities in various cities have chosen to declare a state of emergency and quarantine. In places where the measures are less strict, the population has been urged to stay at home, keep a distance of around two meters from other people, and go outside only when absolutely necessary. Even so, the number of infected until March 22 is around 307,400 and the death toll is 13,000.

Buenos Aires, Argentina, the impact of coronavirus on the cities of the world
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina. There, the mandatory quarantine order went into effect at midnight on Friday. People can only leave their home to buy food or medicine. The measure expires on March 31.

Impact of coronavirus COVID-19 on Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil. As of March 22, there are more than 1,000 confirmed cases in Brazil and at least 18 deaths.

impact of coronavirus on Madrid Spain and other cities of the world
Madrid Spain 

Madrid Spain. According to the latest record of the Ministry of Health, the death toll from covid-19 is 1,725 ​​people. The government decided to extend the state of alarm for another 15 days. The measure must be approved by Congress.

Impact of coronavirus in La Rambla in Barcelona and cities of the world
La Rambla in Barcelona 
La Rambla in Barcelona, ​​Spain is usually a very busy place. After the quarantine, the streets there are deserted.

Coronavirus Paris France and impact on other cities of the world
Paris France 
Paris France. A rare image of the Eiffel Tower, devoid of tourists.

Impact of coronavirus on cities of the world and Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy
One of the positive consequences of the quarantine in Venice, Italy, is that the quality of the water in its canals has improved. Many fish have even returned due to the absence of tourists.

Impact of coronavirus on cities of the world and La Paz, Bolivia caused by COVID-19
La Paz, Bolivia
In La Paz, Bolivia, few venture into the streets. The government declared a national emergency and suspended classes at all levels until the end of the month.

Bogotá, Colombia: coronavirus impact on the world
Bogotá, Colombia
From the air, you can see the empty roads of Bogotá, Colombia. There, the authorities have closed land, sea and river borders until May 30. Starting Monday, March 23, international passenger flights will be prohibited for 30 days.

Plaza Grande in Quito: Impact of coronavirus on the world and economy
Plaza Grande in Quito
The Plaza Grande in Quito is seen without people, after Ecuador decreed a state of Emergency. A curfew was also imposed from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and the suspension of all activities, except for the agricultural, livestock, health, banking and food businesses.

What coronavirus has caused in Chicago, Illinois, United States and the world
Chicago, Illinois, United States

In Chicago, Illinois, United States, a man walks alone in front of the Trump International Hotel. Authorities urged the population to work from home and to stay indoors as long as possible. They also suspended the holding of massive events. Tell us how the situation is lived in your locality: use the hashtag #UgoblenoNews on your social networks.


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