Coronavirus USA: burials in a mass grave in New York, the city that has more cases of covid-19

The coronavirus health crisis is hitting the United States, and New York in particular, with the greatest virulence.

Coronavirus in the USA: burials in a mass grave in New York, the city that has more cases of covid-19 than any country in the world
Coronavirus News Update: The drama experienced by the city of the Big Apple was staged this Thursday with the images of coffins being buried in a mass grave.
As of April 9, New York registered 159,937 infected and 7,000 deaths.
This figure exceeds the total number of infections in Spain (157,000) and Italy (143,000), the two countries that until recently were the most affected in the world.
China, the country where the pandemic emerged, had reported more than 82,000 cases.
The United States is the country hardest hit by covid-19, having almost a third (462,000 infected) of the world total (1.6 million).
Common pit
The images of the mass grave were taken by a drone on Hart Island, a place that has been used for 150 years as a mass cemetery for the dead without relatives or family members who cannot afford to pay for a funeral.
Many of the coffins likely contained victims of the coronavirus, but it is unclear whether they were people who had the virus.
At a press conference on Friday, April 10, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he had no information about the situation on Hart Island, but promised he would make inquiries about it.
The city's mayor, Bill de Blasio, acknowledged that ‘temporary burials’ could occur during the crisis.
Burials in this area have exploded due to the pandemic. Before they were organized one day a week and now five, according to data from the New York correctional institutions.
The mass burials are usually run by prisoners of Rikers Island, the main prison complex in the city, but the increase in work has required the use of contractors.
City Mayor Bill de Blasio said earlier this week that ‘temporary burials’ may be necessary until the crisis is over.
‘Historically, the place we've used for that is Hart Island,’ de Blasio said.
Decreased estimates
Last Wednesday, 799 people died of coronavirus in New York State, the city's record for the third day in a row.
For the third day in a row, New York has recorded a number of deaths in one day.
However, the state governor, Andrew Cuomo, noted that the number of covid-19 patients in the hospital had dropped for the second day with 200 new hospital admissions.
Cuomo commented that social distancing was working. He called the outbreak ‘a silent explosion that spreads in society with the same randomness and evil as 9/11,’ on the 2001 day of the attacks on the World Trade Center.
This same Thursday another halo of hope emerged when official projections of deaths across the country declined.
Dr Anthony Fauci, a key member of the White House coronavirus task force, told NBC news that the estimated number of Americans who will die from covid-19 ‘is about 60,000.’
At the end of March, Fauci's forecast was ‘between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths.’
According to government data, the projection of 60,000 deaths would correspond to the approximate number of deaths from influenza in the United States. between October 2019 and March 2020.
However, Vice President Mike Pence insisted on Thursday that the coronavirus was three times more contagious than the virus that causes influenza.
Previously, the White House had handled estimates putting coronavirus deaths at 2.2 million if no action was taken to stop its spread.
Unemployed businesses
Confinement orders have led to the closure of nonessential businesses in 42 states, dramatically paralyzing the US economy, the world's first.
Quarantine orders have left streets empty and businesses stopped in cities like Chicago.
Official statistics collect 16.8 million unemployed in the last three weeks.
Chicago, on the other hand, imposed a curfew on liquor sales starting at 9:00 p.m. to stop the persistent violation of the ban on mass gatherings.
This measure, which will last until April 30, occurs in a context in which the black inhabitants of Chicago represent half of the cases of coronavirus in the state of Illinois and more than 70% of deaths, despite the fact that they represent 30 % of the population.
Data for the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Michigan, Wisconsin, and New York reflect the same racial disparity in coronavirus infections.

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