14 Things you use everyday & you don't know what they are for

The toothbrush, pen, or casserole you use every day hides features you don't know. 

From the time we get up to the time we go back to bed we use infinity of objects that make our day to day easier. Gadgets that, simple as they seem, make our daily chores develop more quickly or in a more comfortable way. However, our stressful lifestyle prevents us from  having enough time to ask ourselves why.

So much so that many elements that we live within our daily routine with that we do not even know what they are for or what other functionalities they hide. Thus, we use objects in a limited way, as they have taught us, without taking advantage of their potentials. In this article we put together some examples of objects that are probably not known for their functionality.

1. The hole of the caps of the pens 

The hole of the caps of the pens
This is a hole in the top of the cap, which contrary to what many people think, does not help prevent the ink in the pen from drying out. Actually, its purpose is much more important. This hole is so that if a child swallows this plug and it gets stuck in his throat, he can continue to breathe until he is treated by emergency teams.

2. The base of wine bottles

The base of wine bottles
Many wine bottles feature a base that has an inward slit that helps the container resist pressure when the cork is inserted.

3. The opener hole of soda cans

The opener hole of soda cans
Soft drink cans have a bottle opener that makes them easy to open. But, not everyone knows that the bottle opener has a hole in which a straw can be inserted in such a way that it is held and comfortable to sip.

4. The longest bristles of some toothbrushes

Some toothbrushes have slightly longer bristles at the top. Some think that its function is to reach the corners where the shortest ones do not reach, but in reality, it is a way of measuring toothpaste that should be used. It will be enough to fill that small surface with toothpaste and not the entire base of the brush. That way we will save every time we brush our teeth some paste.

 An image of the fuel gauge on a vehicle's dashboard. 

5. The arrow of the gasoline symbol in the car

Vehicles inform the driver of the amount of fuel in the tank using a meter located on the dashboard. In this place the gasoline symbol appears and next to it you can see an arrow that can point to the left or right. This arrow indicates where the tank is located and where the fuel hose should be inserted.

6.  The shape of the beer bottles

Glass beer bottles, a drink that is often not drunk by the glass, have an elongated neck. Said neck serves so that we can grasp from above without the contents heating up.

7. Small pockets of jeans

These small compartments were originally created to store the timing watch in them. Now, as we usually carry the watch on our mobile or on our wrist, it is usually used to store coins.

8. The hole of the lollipop stick

In the upper part of the stick that carries the lollipop there is a small hole that serves so that the candy goes in and serves as a support and does not fall.

9. The fabric swatch that comes with a button

The fabric swatch that comes with a button
This small sample is used to test different detergents to find out whether or not they damage that fabric. That way, we can save the shirt. It is also used to know if that type of clothing gives off any color when washed.

10. The tetrabrik should be used in reverse of its common use

The containers of milk, wine or other products that come in tetrabrik are designed so that when pouring the product it is done with the stopper in the part furthest from the container. This will prevent it from splashing.

11. The tab on the bottom of the care rear mirror 

The tab on the bottom of the care rear mirror
The central rear-view mirror of the car has a tab on the bottom that we can move back. When we are disturbed by the lights of the vehicle following us, we can fold this tab and the light will not reflect us in the eyes.

12. The hole in the handle of some casseroles

This hole is used to place the spoon or palette you are using on them so as not to stain other parts of the kitchen.

13. The hole for the spaghetti spoons

The hole for the spaghetti spoons
This hole is the usual size for spaghetti that a person usually eats. It is a way to measure the amount of pasta.

14. The sauce boats 

The bottles of the number 57 of the Heinz brand sauces, such as ketchup for example, have a long neck that tapers until it reaches the opening where it comes out. The company itself ensures that if we put the boat at a 45 degree angle and give a firm touch to the neck of the boat, right where the number 57 appears, we will get the content to come out.


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