How I learned to sell on Amazon GOODBYE BOSS

With a few years in the field of sales in amazon, owner of an own brand, current seller in multiple sales channels, creator of pages and web stores and constantly updating myself on the topics of e-commerce and digital marketing, I will be the new content collaborator in Goodbye to Your Boss program of and in this post I will tell you a little about how I started selling on amazon.

My name is Jeremiah Doro (31) and I am an Information Technology Engineer graduated from the Polytechnic University of Victoria in my native Cd. Victoria Tamaulipas and I am a passionate about technologies and new methods and products that emerge day by day to make life easier... or not Alexa?


I consider myself an Entrepreneur who is still in the Godinato peeero ... who enjoys the benefits of the 2 worlds ... yes, sometimes it can, but the net I would like to leave the latter soon.


And it is that it was back in 2017 that I came across this blog that you are reading right now, perhaps I searched, "how to sell online" or "how to have multiple sources of income" I do not exactly remember the search, but I remember that the simple name of "goodbye to your boss" told me that I was in the place where I wanted to be, SEO is powerful.


I was looking for the long-awaited “Financial Freedom” and the fact of finding content that would lead me to freedom.


Although I already had the tickle to undertake something to generate money that was not directly from my work, it was since I started reading this blog that my focus was turned on and the whole issue of having multiple sources of income focused more on sales online.


And it is that getting up in the morning to go and dedicate 8 (sometimes 9 or sometimes more) hours of your day to a place where you don't know if tomorrow they will thank you is not cool, and less when You realize that you have to spend at least one hour going and one hour back in traffic, add to this your lunch hour that you still have to eat, but eating at home is not the same as eating at the office, and also the time you dedicate in getting yourself together and ready to go to work presentable.

Starting to sell on amazon for my eCommerce online marketing
I made my first sales on amazon before one week
Putting those hours together, you will find out that they are more than 12 hours of your day  wasted invested in a single source of income that perhaps pays well, but that does not allow you to invest n other “n” projects.  

It was this thought that made me start my virtual business venture in 2018, I saved and invested an approximate amount of $ 10,000 MXN about $449 USD in various products, but from the same niche, since according to what I read and saw I had to focus on a specific niche.


I dedicated a whole room of my house to the inventory, where right there I set up a small photography set, with white cards in the background and some spotlights hanging from some lecterns that I had lying around. I started taking photos with my cell phone, but I didn't like the final photo at all. It was then that I decided to buy an entry-level DSLR camera; Obviously I could use the cell phones, but I already had the idea of ​​buying one and it was the perfect excuse.


How I learned to sell on Amazon GOODBYE BOSS
How I learned to sell on Amazon GOODBYE BOSS

 In a few months I set up my online store and began to publish on Facebook and Instagram the product under the brand that I had not yet registered but that I had already made in collaboration with some designer friends. Note: if you are not a graphic designer and want to make a brand, get advice from someone who has extensive graphic knowledge and sometimes "mystical" in the field.


Honestly, it all started very discouraging, with few, very few sales, but I already had some sales in my store. My degree of desperation came to offer the products personally with neighbors, family, friends, acquaintances who did buy from me, but perhaps only for moral support (thanks for encouraging me).


When checking with gurus of the matter, I realize that one of the last steps in online sales is precisely opening your own online store, "d'oh!"  

And it is that it is the most difficult, expensive and risky thing that one can do since one does not have the marketing, the renown or the trust that a Marketplace has already earned over the years.


For this, I had already invested in hosting, domain, logos, templates, security certificates and the elementary things of an online store and above all the time, months of extra-office work that I saw was just not fruitful.


It was then that I decided to make my way and investigate how to sell on amazon and how to get an account with them since, I always buy in amazon, my close circle bought in amazon too.


It was then that I realized the potential that the platform has and that was how I began to document how to sell on amazon, reading blogs, watching videos on YouTube, hours and hours of endless information, but without any structure as such.


Why sell on Amazon and not Mercado Libre?


As I told you, my thought is to have my own brand and Mercado Libre does not give me the confidence that my product looks like that, as a brand product but as just another product and it is because in that Marketplace anyone can sell and Although electronic commerce had its very bad reputation a few years ago, with frauds and scams that most likely still exist on this platform now.


On the other hand, in Amazon the whole issue of sales is more regulated, your tax situation must be correct and your bank account is verified among other various filters that are precisely the ones that give the platform more seriousness.


Once registered with Amazon, it took days for me to make my first sale after having published my first products; it took days, not weeks, not months. It was a matter of days before I went to the nearest DHL to make my first shipment for my first sale.


Going back to the point…


So some months went by, with sporadic sales, but hey, from 0 to about 3 sales a week was already a big profit, at least for me. I started reading on some Facebook forums about shipping inventory directly to Amazon warehouses and how that will my sales grow.


I decided on my own to make a shipment to the warehouses of Amazon USA and see how it worked, for this I first contacted UPS and they did a small study of how much I intended to send per month and stuff. That is how they assigned me a person who would help me with any details or questions I had with my shipments.

 And it was no lie that your products are better positioned once they are in Amazon warehouses; All my stock was sold which, although it was little, I did not expect that in a couple of weeks it would be sold out.


Everything seemed to be solved, however, like every entrepreneur one always wants more and more. I decided to buy How to Sell on Amazon: 7 FBA Secrets That Turn Beginners into Best Sellers, for $6.99 to boost my sales. I had already taken the learning curve on my own.

However, it was when I took the course that I realized that I could further fine-tune my sales processes, improve my listings, improve my keywords and sell on Amazon even more.

It is the course that encourages me to open new sales channels for my products, although he only mentions Ebay, there is also Etsy which is another great competitor in the niche in which my products are.


And this is how I currently have my products on the platforms of Amazon Mexico, Amazon USA, Etsy and Ebay, which I do not like at all because it has been the Free Market gringo, oh and my own online store is still standing.


It has NOT  been easy, nor fast, nor dazzling, but little by little with perseverance and dedication you will achieve your goal and fulfil your objectives. It is not overnight that you will find the star product that will get you out of work, it is the perseverance that you must have every day that will give you the doors to say "Goodbye to your Boss."

You can start your journey of selling in amazon by successfully registering your amazon business account now! You don’t have to waste more time because the future is now.


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