4 powerful herbs to enhance hair tone

One of the advantages of natural recipes is that the frequency of its application does not matter because it will always provide benefits to hair health

Hair is considered one of the most important natural accessories for women, which is why we are always aware of the latest market trends. Each product promises a different effect, but the healthy aspect is not always taken into account on the labels.

4 powerful herbs to enhance hair tone
 4 powerful herbs to enhance natural hair tone

The dye will always be an option when it comes to wanting a radical change, since striking hair will always be a priority when it comes to looking good. However, many times we do not take into account natural options that, in addition to adding a touch of color to the hair, will provide health to the scalp, resulting in strength and shine.

The following herbs will make you love your natural hair more when it comes to a change in your appearance.

Calendula: Its colorful appearance makes it to be taken into account when decorating a place, but in addition to its cheerful appearance, this herb has the property of highlighting the natural color of the hair. 

It also helps in the prevention of dandruff due to its effect on the scalp. 

Boil two cups of water and when it is about to boil, off the stove or boiler. 

Then add a cup of calendula petals, stir and cover it. 

It is important not to remove the lid in the process so that the essence of the flower is preserved. 

Finally, filter and refrigerate it for 5 days. Apply this lotion after washing without removing it afterwards.

Chamomile: This infusion is one of the most popular one for natural hair remedies. A cup of chamomile tea with sugar is always welcome in our homes. 

But if you want to lighten the tone of your hair a little, this preparation will make it look more "blonde" and shiny in a few days. 

To do this, you only have to heat 3 cups of water and remove from the stove before boiling, add 2 chamomile tea satchets and then remove them after half an hour. 

Let the infusion sit until it cools, put it in a spray bottle and apply to the hair after your washing routine. The more frequent the application, the faster you will see the results.

Rosemary: Rosemary is considered a product of vital importance in health, beauty and cooking as it has antiseptic properties, calms menstrual cramps, gives an excellent flavor to some foods and treats certain skin and hair conditions. 

One of its most popular beauty aids is natural hair growth

However, it is also use to enhance hair color. 

You will need 2 tablespoons of dried rosemary, 3 cups of water and a tablespoon of vinegar. 

Put all the ingredients in a pot and heat at a low temperature. Stir constantly for 20 minutes. Remove, strain and let it stand until it cools. After rinsing off the shampoo and conditioner, detangle your hair, apply the infusion and let it dry.

Henna: It is not an herb, it is a dye that comes from the crushing of the dried leaf of the Lawsonia Inermis plant, a shrub of the oleaceae family. 

Its millennial use has become popular today when it comes to wanting to give a reddish color to hair without resorting to chemicals. 

The plant, which is also called henna, must be crushed to a greenish powder and the only thing this technique resembles the chemical dyeing procedure is that it requires the use of gloves and skin protection because its coloring can last A good time. 

The process to dye the hair is to bring water to a boil, transfer it to a plastic container, add the henna powder, stir well until a creamy consistency is achieved and apply to dry hair. 

Then wrap the hair in a towel and leave for three to hours; the longer it last, the darker the color will be. 

Finally wash your hair with plenty of water and comb it as usual.

Another advantage of these recipes is that no matter how often you apply it, it will not damage your hair and will benefit your natural hair health.

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