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Latest news from the world, breaking news, videos and photos about the world: Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Oceania, on Ugobleno News.
Ugobleno News is a modern multimedia communication group. Its headers are leaders in their respective markets and cover the entire repertoire of the hottest news today.
Professionalism and an experience rooted in years have managed to provide the Editorial Unit with the prestige and quality in its information so valued by its readers, viewers, listeners and Internet users.


We work to enrich people's lives with an attractive and quality offer in information and entertainment, and contribute to the development of the modern-day news.


Our multimedia offer places us as the uprising communication company in competition with the large groups of the competition. We aspire in 2021 to develop Group synergies to be leaders in information in Africa, develop a global and local vision in content, and produce successes in the entertainment segment.

Ugobleno News Brand Values

Professionals. We understand the keys to the business. We are rigorous, effective and agile. We pursue improvement and innovation to achieve ever better results and have credibility.
Close. We are present. We are accessible. We hear. We pay full attention to the people who relate to us. Closeness is one of the bases of our brand identity.
Honest. We are loyal and transparent in the use and efficient administration of the public goods that have been entrusted to us. We are at the service of society.
Responsible. We say what we are going to do and we do it according to the commitments reached. We develop the profession respecting the deontological code.
With team spirit. We share the project. We achieve synergies between businesses to become more "Ugobleno News Group". We dialogue to move forward by being proactive. We celebrate achievements.
Open to change. We are convinced that changes bring opportunities. We know how to take advantage of them when we are able to question ourselves, observe trends and take risks by being creative. 


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